YOU PLAY ALL YEAR ROUND? What a question!


“Golf can be a good investment for the health, according to a new study from the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institute. The death rate for golfers is 40 per cent lower than for other people of the same sex, age and socioeconomic status, which correspond to a 5 year increase in life expectancy. Golfers with a low handicap are the safest.” Quoted from EMAXHEATH

“You guys play all year round?” asked someone. So Simon replies, “Is the Pope Catholic?”

The BIRDIEHUNTERS never pack their golf equipment…. except to load them on PR 108 to Manila and Cagayan de Oro…or on a WestJet to somewhere in Palm Springs.

Now you know why JOE, PETER, or CHANG will live to age 100! (So will HARRY, if he stops polluting the air. Apparently, John will be carrying a placard next time out: “No smoking within 400 yards of my healthy body!) Just like Erin, John has his 3-iron ready for any violation. (Or is it a 9-iron?)

Yes, we played at Point Roberts. Yes, we got some birdies. Yes, we got some KP’s. Instead of Nassau and skins, we decided to play best of the front, back 9 and total. It gave everyone a fair chance at getting their hands on some “moolah”. HARRY, JOE, SIMON, & VINCENT took home the KP pots and “little” JOE stole the front 9 from ERNIE.

Meanwhile, like his “twin brother” (who was denied a chance to win at the Chevron Tournament last week-end by Graeme McDowell), PETER remains winless since his return two weeks ago. However, his strong play keeps his index lowest in the group. It is only a matter of time before he gets to getting himself in the winners’ circle.


We played at the Canal Course last Sunday and were skewered. But first, let me review the course’s condition. Surprisingly, fairways are relatively dry. Compared to Mayfair Lakes, the Canal holds up pretty well with hardly any mushy area except way off the fairway. The greens are in fair condition and about 60% slower than Point Roberts.

Thus, we decided to hold this Thursday game at Northview Canal starting at 8:36 am. The iGoogle forecast (which is more accurate that your local weather channel) is:

Chance of rain. Overcast High 100 C Wind SSE 14 km/h 40% chance of precipitation”

Conditions should improve according to my “Golf Good Health Calendar”.

Better confirm your attendance early.

Now, for the massacre that occurred last Sunday. It is now confirmed that the SB1 (Sandbagger #1) title goes to VINCENT. If he did not score a double bogie on the 9th hole, he would have had a 41 in the front nine – which would be par for the course for a 10 handicapper.

“It is just my lucky day”, he says, (adding insult to injury). Luck is sculling a 3-wood on a 165 yard par three; rolling it around the green and doing a chili pepper chunky with a sand-wedge and popping it in the hole for a birdie! That is luck. Skill is: never missing a drive; taking a fairway wood or a hybrid to the green and making two putts for a par! Skill is: chipping 50 yards around the green and rolling the ball within 6 inches of the cup! Even McIlroy could not do that on the 18th at Thousand Oaks!!! (McIlroy took a triple bogie on the same hole twice during the 3rd and 4th and final round.) VINCENT was better. He did not have a triple bogie last Sunday!


#14 – Do you think it is a good idea to invest in a condo or home in the Philippines? Koreans. Japanese, & Australians think so. Three years ago, a commitment of $684 million capital investment was made by Koreans in Subic. In doing so, Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction brings its Philippines investment to more than $1 billion dollars!!! You might like to explore investment possibilities in Cagayan de Oro when you get there.

#15 – Some Real Estate companies will be at the PAL INTERCLUB. Agents will most likely be travelling from Manila in an effort to attract business. Collect brochures; listen to their “sales pitch”; but BEWARE and BE FAIR. They will bring a lot of “charm” with them, sometime doing more than what is necessary to earn business. If you are considering an investment, due diligence is necessary. Plan on visiting the site. Do your research. When you resist the temptation of “being lured”, you are being a good businessman but most important of all, you are being a gentleman.

Bear in mind, too, that Philippines is now the CALL CENTER CAPITAL of the WORLD beating India.

Significant future prospects are bright for those considering business possibilities in the country.


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