Before the sky opened last Thursday, we were treated to the return of Tiger Wood’s twin brother, PETER (Huai).

As you might recall we have not seen PETER in ages but that is expected. Like his twin brother, he has shunned the limelight since news of the #3 iron busting the rear window of a Buick SUV. Before teeing off on the 1st tee at Point Roberts, we had an exclusive interview with Peter:

BBC: Since your brother’s indiscretion, where have you been hiding?

PETER: No, you got it all wrong. I was not hiding. I was actually in China taking some lessons.

BBC: Golf lessons?

PETER: No, on “How to date girls and not get caught”.

BBC: Well, obviously Tiger should have taken some lessons with you!

PETER: I don’t think so. It would have been too much of a temptation for him to be in China. They have an army of women there.

BBC: I see what you mean! But on a more serious note, 2010 has been a bad year for Tiger; he hasn’t come close to winning any tournament. What do you think is the problem?

PETER: There is really no problem. He still has what it takes to win tournaments.

BBC: What? Long drives? Great Approaches? Great putting?

PETER: No, none of that.

BBC: Then what?

PETER: Date with the girls – now that he does not have to worry about keeping them secret. It will get his putter straight again.

BBD: Shhhhhhh, Bro, this is a family oriented site!


We have a standing 8:30 am start Thursday at Point Roberts. If not this week, then next. The cold snap will end by Friday and rain is forecast. That is good news since it will thaw out the horrible white stuff. Make plans to play next week, Dec 2.


Well, we will miss CHANG L, SUNNY, & BILL since they are cruising in the next 10 days from Florida.


#12 – If this horrible weather is starting to stress you out, better have your flight to Manila and Cagayan de Oro booked early. Those $910 seat won’t last long.

#13 – There are only 9 poolside rooms with TV at Kingston Lodge and only a total of 16 rooms altogether. Don’t miss out on premium room selection.


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