The big story of last week was not the whopping financial windfall of VINCENT who bamboozled everyone with his 89 and skins that required a Brink’s Truck to transport to his bank.

It was about the RCMP having been called by KYLE because someone complained about someone “speeding” on the course.

This is unlike ROGER being transported on the course at Del Monte by a motorcycle.

It is about a septuagenarian thought to be running amok on the 16th fairway.

The RCMPs were ready with their Taser guns just in case they find a subject unwilling to submit to authority. Well, when the red sirens and blaring lights were turned off, and four muscular officers with martial arts training came, they were relieved to find that there was really nothing to worry about.

It was just our amiable senior ART who found a way to transport himself when he got tired at the end of the day.

He tells me that he had just made an application for a PATENT for his “one-man” golf cart and that he and HIDE are now in the process of designing a few proto types for the new invention.

There are a few kinks to overcome though. For example, the rider could not see where he is headed because this particular cart would not allow the rider to sit facing front. Also it needs a wheel alignment as the cart tends to pull left.

Well, Colonel Sanders made it big in his 70’s. ART will beat that record when his invention goes to market.


With 90% chance of rain predicted today, Nov 11, many stayed away. It has been an up and down event all week as far as what could be in store for the hunters but good luck prevailed.

With our computer engineer away for the day, we opted to dispense with the skin game. Instead we sweetened the pot for the day to reward those sharpshooters on par three’s.

ERNIE was 6 inches short of a hole-in-one on the 6th hole. Miles limited the possibility of another getting between his ball and the hole on #8. ED deposited his shot on the 11th fairly close to the pin. SUNNY stole one from LITO on the 15th.

Only FOUR BIRDIES were shot down today: #3 and #8 for MILES and #6 and #9 for ERNIE.


With a limited number of participants, there are only TWO winners today.

ANDERSEN CONSULTING did the meticulous audit verification of the results and declared that ERNIE and BILL share 1st place with their 70.4. It was previously believed that MILES had won 2nd place but the official audit reversed that finding.

Yes, MILES concedes defeat by the two seniors.


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