RAIN? What rain?

They were so inspired to be rewarded with a relatively “dry” day that 5 balls were at the center of the fairway on hole #1 with one just to the right beyond the trap. All had decent approaches to the green. In fact for the rest of the front nine, scores were quite respectable with nobody blowing up except one who was caught by the bunker monster on the 2nd hole, recording a horrible 7 on the par three. Don’t ask who it was!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!

Cheng HJ, as usual was dominant with a 2 over par 38 in the front. (But don’t ask about the back nine.)

Unfortunately, we were sorry to see King Kong sit out the back nine with recurring dizzy spells. (Ah, missed birdies and missed pars could be painful!)

At the front nine, Chang was boring – always down the middle; always on in regulation. At the back nine, he and Han made it more exciting – playing more like mere mortals, or should I say, like soldiers: left-right, left-right! Joe struggled too. He was not as sharp as he normally is. Our “most improved golfer”, VINCENT, continues to dazzle with his long straight drives and approaches.

In the end, however, someone just kept firing into the greens in regulation or chipping close to save par. With a 3-over par 39 to close the day’s excitement on the back nine, there are rumors that someone is closing in on the titles held by CHANG LIM and VINCENT – “sandbagger of the month”.

We took out the umbrella for about 3 holes. That’s it! For the rest of the day, we had a fabulous time!

The Chief’s first assistant was right after all, Bill!


#9 – You can now get on a website to check out what is happening at the 64th PAL INTERCLUB. Do it right here.

#10 – Do you want to know your PAL PPA? Are you registered? You can check your statistics in the SENIOR DIVISION here.

#11 – If you were registered in the MEN’S DIVISION, your statistics are here.


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