As our 2010 regular SUMMER golf season comes to a close, we are wrapping our UPS Tournament with a 54-hole tournament starting next week October 28 at Point Roberts Golf Resort.


During the regular season, UPS points were accumulated based on the following criteria:

  1. 1st place – 5 points
  2. 2nd place – 4 points
  3. 3rd place – 3 points
  4. Eagles – 6 points
  5. Birdies – 3 points
  6. KP – 1 point
  7. Attendance – 1 point
  8. Day Ranking – 1 point for last place; plus .5 point for next higher score

Congratulations to our top three players – MILES, JOE, and CHANG HJ. They are our three top single handicappers. They are also our top “birdie” hunters. Miles leads with 25 birdies followed by Joe (17) and CHANG (14). MILES, ERNIE, and BILL are our “eagle” eyes.

ERNIE and BILL got their eagles by shooting holes-in-one. ERNIE got his at the 64th PAL Interclub in Bacolod last Feb 2010 at the 194-yard par three 8th hole. Bill got his at the 6th hole 128 yard par three at Riverway Golf.


The honor goes to VINCENT who has trimmed his index quite a few points in 2010.


No one can beat JOHN for this honor. He proves it again today shooting 11 and 12 on the two par fives in the front nine at Point Roberts. This is the same guy that put together a nice round at Riverway last week – 89!


On a foggy day at the start of today’s tournament we could not see the greens or the pins from 100 yards out. It gave some of us a positive perspective as we became oblivious to the many monsters at the Point (traps, trees, and laterals). That could explain the near flawless front nine of the sexy SENIOR (above) who posted an 83 – a few strokes better than two of our single handicappers.

ERNIE picked up 1st place for the day followed by one of our newest members, GERRY, whose 38 in the back gave him a net 70.8.  The “Incredible Hulk” – Miles. takes 3rd place.


To cap a fantastic season, we will hold our Team Championship Tournament at our three favorite courses: Point Roberts, Riverway, and Kings Links starting next week, October 28.

We are slated for 8:20 am at Point Roberts.

Top points of 40 shall be awarded to the top golfer of the day for a possible total of 120 points added to a player’s UPS points total. Thus, mathematically, the top 7 golfers in the chart above have a possibility of winning the championship depending on how the others play. It opens up all kinds of possibilities.


#7 – Want some terrific music & night club entertainment in Cagayan? Our hosts at Kingston Lodge, Danny and Keith, know the best places in Cagayan and have the best connections. If you enjoy a game of pool; perhaps a sip of your favorite US or German beer, or San Miguel; or if you simply want to check your email and eBay purchases; Mike will make sure you will have a terrific time at SPOOKS. (Don’t worry if you are with us; we will take you there!)

#8 – Want to bring some treats back home? Then get a box of sweet lanzones (lansat). When you submit your declaration at Canada Customs, immediately go to the (Canada) Agricultural Counter just adjacent to the baggage carousels. Show them your declaration. They will stamp it and you will not be subject to a further check when you exit customs.


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