BBC Celebrates Bill’s Hole-in-One

The Birdiehunters of BC (BBC) celebrated Bill’s first ever hole-in-one at Riverway’s #6th hole at the Spice Island (Indonesian) Restaurant on Friday, October 8, 2010.

“This party is just an excuse to introduce you to my family; it is all about extending the hands of friendship,” said the effervescent host of the evening.

BILL recollected the many occasions of the last few years when we had gathered together to enjoy each other’s company outside the golf course – SUNNY’s daughter’s wedding; HARRY’s 60th; MILES & VINCENT’s party; ERNIE/VIV’s special day, etc.


It is what sets apart the BIRDIEHUNTERS OF BC from most golf clubs. We may have cutthroat competition on the golf course but nothing but respect, enjoyment, and care for each other off the golf course. These are the ingredients of lifelong friendship.

Now here is something interesting:

Probably the most animated personality in the group is someone you guys have not noticed because at the golf course, he is quite mild-mannered.


  • #3 – Travel light. In a hot tropical country, shorts and t-shirts suffice most days. Besides you may want to leave room for your shopping. ASHWORTH, LACOSTE, POLO golf shirt are manufactured for export from the Philippines and you could buy them at a fraction of what you would pay at Riverside Golf or Golf Pro Shops.
  • #4 – There is plenty of nightlife entertainment in Cagayan – piano bars, live band, jazz, videoke, etc. you may want to check them out here and print out the page.
  • #5 – Going to Del Monte Golf Course for a 6 am tee-time? Better be prepared for a long one-hour trip. To be safe have your LIMO service pick you up at 4:30 at the latest. If you miss your tee-time, team might get disqualified.
  • #6 – If you are putting for a triple bogie – DON’T. Just pick up the ball and don’t put down your score on the scoresheet.

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