BILL – NEW EHIO MEMBER, Congratulations!

When we saw JOE on the 6th tee at Riverway doing an impression of KING KONG, the gorilla, waving his paws, er…his hands … and screaming his lungs off with great pleasure as if he has just finished mating, we knew something was happening. Trying to understand what he was trying to convey, we finally figured out that he was saying that Tiger Woods has just recovered from his slumped with a 10 under par 62. Ops! Isn’t that what he was yelling about?

Guess not!

It is even better than that, now we know.

AMIABLE BILL has just cranked a sweet 7 iron that sailed against a slight breeze, bounced a few times and rolled gently into the par three for a HOLE-IN-ONE!

Apparently, it was SUNNY who was screaming, “It’s going, and it’s going into the hole!” BILL was staring in disbelief as his ball was headed towards the hole.( For a view of that hole, see photo.)


For his incredible feat, BILL has been inducted in the BIRDIEHUNTERS HALL OF FLAME and certified as a MEMBER of the EXCLUSIVE HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB. He has been named Executive VP of the Club.

(In case you are wondering who the President of the club is, it is ERNIE.)

BILL and ERNIE now carry an extra pair of trousers everywhere they golf since the possibility of getting a hole in one is now a certainty!


For your golfing pleasure at fabulous rate ($39+) we were able to obtain FOUR TEE TIMES starting at 8:04 am this coming THURSDAY at Hazelmere Golf Resort. First to confirm attendance is EUGENE! Since the times are guarantee by way of a credit card, we absolutely need a FULL CONFIRMATION (not just an assumption of participation.)

You get there via Highway 99 and Exit 24 (same exit to get to PEACE PORTAL). You would be on 8th Ave and only 2 kilometers away past 176th (Pacific Highway USA crossing.)


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