HARRY’s Milestone

Joining VINCENT and a few of us this year in the Birdiehunters’ Sexy Senior Fraternity is Grandpa HARRY.

It was standing room only at Ceasar’s Palace as celebrities from all over the world paid tribute to DA MAN affectionately referred to as KING KONG!

Ops!……let’s do that again. It was a nice evening at Rainflower in Richmond as friends, families, and esteemed members of THE BIRDIEHUNTERS celebrate HARRY’S milestone.

We all join hands in congratulating…er…..sending our sympathy to LUCY. She is now married to a Grandfather and a Senior!

The Legend of FOO KING-LONG

On this special occasion, we travelled far and wide to commemorate Harry’s birthday and stumbled upon FOO KING-LONG. A little research brought us to the story of Samuel King and Anita Foo who were both savvy in business. ERNIE presented a short glimpse of their story at the party and presented a remarkable Ninja golf ball to HARRY. However, there is a different version on the web. They say that FOO KING-LONG is a ninja who’d rather play golf than swashbuckling all over the place. Google it if you are so inclined to find out more about this long and dangerous ninja golf ball.


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