The BirdieHunters will be there

We have received an official invitation to participate in the International Philippine Airlines prestigious inter-club tournament at Cagayan de Oro during the last two weeks in February, 2011 which will be held in that challenging Pueblo de Oro Golf Course.

Why is PAL Interclub considered to be the best value golf excursion in Asia? If Miss Eco-Tourism 2010 were asked the question, I am sure she would have a thousand replies. (She is from Cagayan de Oro.)

However, those who have been there already know just how fabulous and green those golf courses are and how pampered the participants. From the moment one gets to the course, the amenities just pile up.

The nurses and doctors on site make sure golfers are kept in great shape. There are stations to monitor blood pressure and pulse; refreshment areas to quench thirst.

After the game, sumptuous fresh seafood buffets and tempting desserts and fresh fruit are in abundance at (shhhhhhhh!!!!) unbelievable price.

To suit the aching muscles and return the body to its youthful stage for another day of golfing, there are spas that offer Swedish or Shiatsu massage, facial, manicure and pedicure for the price of a Starbuck exotic coffee and biscuit! (Don’t say it too loud!)

For those looking for adventure off the golf course, there is plenty in Cagayan de Oro.

Pilipinos are known for their love of parties and fiestas. There is no shortages of entertainment.

Talk about shopping, ask Han! When he was there many years ago, he was mobbed at the shopping mall. They thought he was a relative of Prince Aga Khan the way he spent.

Another golfer went shopping for jewelry. He had quite a lot of explaining to do at the customs. (They did not buy his excuse that he really did not spend that much; that since he was gone golfing he had to bring home something to his wife and girlfriend. No, no, no, silly! He treats his wife like a girlfriend. He is that loving!) Remember to keep receipts for your purchases!


Officially, we can only have eight players in the tournament. However, those who wish to enjoy Philippine Tourism may come and join us during the practice rounds. Also if you have friends who wish to visit the country at a discounted fare, reserve your spot now by sending an email to You will receive an Application Form with the instructions.


February 14 to 28, 2011


One thought on “PAL INTERCLUB @ CAGAYAN DE ORO 2011

  1. I was unable to access the email to Would you please send an application form by e-mail to reserve our spot as non-golfers to the 64th PAL Interclub Golf Tournament 2011. Please also send pricing infomormation by e-mail.

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