How could you possibly win with a 4 over par on a par 4 17th hole and a triple bogie on the last hole which is a par 5?

Well, I guess you can if you are from Taiwan, speak broken English, and friends call you “JOE”!

A more popular name of course is, “Sandbagger”.

On a day punctuated with several double-digit scores at Mayfair Lakes last Thursday (April 15), Joe’s miscues on the last two holes did not matter. He was pretty steady before that to earn 1st place and the loot with a net 74.

Imagine losing 7 strokes to par! He could have easily been 7 under par!

SIMON took a 12 on the 18th hole to throw it all away. (He was the leader after 17 holes.

CHANG HJ took a 10 on the par 3 #15TH.

JOHN started it all on the 1st hole when he could not prevent his approach shots from going diagonally right (shanks)! He made 12 and then redeemed himself with a 10 on the 2nd hole!

MILES was steady and a birdie on the 11th gave him 2nd place for the day.

ERNIE avoided double digits on the 1st hole with a 9 but recovered on the back nine to take 3rd place.


The week’s highlight has to be the celebrations on Friday at Kirin at Starlight Casino of VINCENT’s formal admission to the BIRDIEHUNTERS’ Champions Tour. He turned 60 young.


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