Those who have followed the British Open know all about Turnberry Golf Resort in Scotland. Located in South Ayrshire on the rugged coast, it comprises three links golf courses, a golf academy, a five star hotel with lodge and cottage accommodations. It was the site of the 2009 British Open where in a playoff, Stewart Cink spoiled Tom Watson’s bid to be the oldest to win a major.

The biggest challenge of the course is not only the incredible bunkers but the howling wind and unpredictable weather.

ERNIE, SIMON, HARRY, JOHN, VINCENT, and HAN had a taste of Scotland golf last Thursday at Riverwayberry!

Sean asked, “Are you sure you want to play today?” Strange question coming from the golf pro. He knew something we did not. We ask him if it was OK to play five and four. Without hesitation he said, “yes”.

Well, we played six! It was not until the 10th hole when we let the following foursome ahead. They were seniors.

It was great to see other diehards on the course.

The 11th hole par three which measured 109 tells the story. I hit a full eight (8) iron and I was short of the green. The howling wind that must have driven the temperature to 100 below zero blew eastward with blinding ferocity that limited hard hitting SIMON’s drive to 175 yards max. He was the only one to hit the green in three on the par 5 #13th hole (driver, driver, three wood!) Not even a 9 iron from 90 yards was sufficient in the approach.

Nonetheless, the skin & KP game made the day exciting. With six players, it was tough to win a skin except for Han who was top sniper for the day.

SIMON got the win for the day but let us not talk about the scores, ok?


Fair weather has sufficiently improved conditions at the course. The greens are still some of the best around. CONFIRM EARLY.


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