When Cheng checked in early at Riverway, he was told that there were no times reserved for the BIRDIEHUNTERS! They were ready to bring in the lynch mob and hang “the Captain” on a tomato tree.

But our nice, pretty, and kind Lori (the golf pro at Riverway) did not want any part of the club stained with royal blood and said, “Boys, get on the tee with the 1st foursome, followed by the next, and so forth; we’ll get you out!”

Would that ever happen to any other golf society but the BirdieHunters? Our reputation for living up to our tee time reservation has saved us from sulking back at the office on a nice golfing day.

The prediction of a warm sunny day that turned into a gloomy dark day may have contributed to our good luck. As well, the admonishment of being there at 8 am rewarded us with quite a pleasant day after all.


Through our Google Group confirmation system, we have been able to correctly reserve ample tee times (or cancel any within 48 hours in advance). With the active golfing season almost upon us, let us make sure of the following:

  1. When confirmed to play, you are expected to be there at least half an hour before actual tee time.
  2. Cancellation of confirmation less than 48 hours (except for emergencies or contingencies) is DETRIMENTAL to our club (the Captian could be sent to Siberia, if not sentenced to flagellation – you don’t want any of that!)
  3. Our times are guaranteed through a Credit Card and courses demand 48 hour cancellation notice or else….

Cancellation of participation less than 12 hours is inconsiderate of others who are looking forward to your pleasant company (and your skins payout), as well as the joy of seeing your face! (My name is Abraham Lincoln.)


Take yesterday’s situation. Something went awry. We were granted tee times for March 25 but I was alerted that the greens were being punched on March 22 and 23. That is why we switched to Kings Links. A request was made to move the tee times for March 25 to April 1. Since such request was made on March 19, it is possible that the tee sheet may have been unavailable that far in advance and our times were missed. Nonetheless, the important thing is that we were not refused play.

Unfortunately, because of this and some last minute cancellations (of participation), Bill who was last to arrive at the course saw the 2nd foursome already on the tee and chose to return home. We were all sorry to see that happen and chatted about it after the game.


After all was said and done, LITTLE JOE’s return spoiled PETER’s 2010 debut. Joe was the day’s most consistent player. Helped by a birdie on the front nine’s most difficulty hole #7, Joe played a net 72 which was good enough for the win.

HARRY who rushed away after the game did not have a chance to celebrate his 2nd place win. He also got a birdie when he drilled his 3rd shot within 24 inches on the par 5 #5 hole.

SIMON recorded the only other birdie on the par 3 #15 with the tee placed back and the pin tucked away at the top of the green.


Please navigate to the HANDICAP & TOURNAMENT STAT page for the latest listing of your handicap index and weekly tournament results.


We will go back to RIVERWAY. Point Robert’s greens are being aerated next week; Kings Links is still windy; North View’s early bird rate is $45 but it is available only before 8 am. Thus, we are on for 7:52 am and there are 3 times available. Suggested arrival: 7:30 am.



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