It was an incredible day. Winds were calm. Greens were lush and smooth. The scene was idyllic.

And VINCENT, HARRY, SUNNY, ED, CHANG HJ, SIMON, and ERNIE were raring to get out and play a tight round with plenty of birdies.

At Kings Links! And it was not like that scenario on the TV channel where the ladies are playing their 3rd LPGA tournament; and where Ai Miyazato is trying to continue her winning streak to three.

Sunny walked outside the pro shop; stuck his wet finger in the air; and said, “Let’s play golf!”

Harry grimaced, “No! No! No! It’s wet!” But the boys, deprived of the game, relented and went out on the course with light drizzle that soon deteriorated into the horrible prediction that was supposed to take place ONLY IN THE AFTERNOON. But the weatherman is like a vacuum – sucks!

Just the same, to make it interesting the boys played skins and KP. Harry won two as he parred the 2nd hole par 5. ED chipped in for a birdie on the 4th hole par 3. Ernie surrendered another 3 skins to Ed when he rushed a 9 footer for par on the 9th hole. Simon and Ernie’s tee shot for KP on the par 3 5th hole were less than 2-inch apart and too close to call to declare a winner.

When it was over, Harry and Ed took the loot and left us all panhandling. “Brother can you spare a dime?”

Meanwhile, our favorite LPGA pro is at even par.


We are back at Riverway next week. Be there at 8 am so we can start early. Please, please, please, CONFIRM.


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