Virtually days before the ultimate final submission of participants, FILCANSA was teetering on the brink of disqualification. Two weeks later on the final day of the Senior Division tournament of the PAL Interclub, ROGER MORCILLA accepted on behalf of the team, the runner up banner in the Friendship Division, barely 3 points behind the champion TRAVELERS SFO team’s 369 points, thus claiming the “best performer ranking” in team competition of all five (5) participants from Vancouver British Columbia.

Those teams are: FILCANSA, Par Breakers, Pinoy Vancouver, Vancouver ABC, and PGABC. Failing to qualify are EZPAR and SAMAHAN.

On the penultimate Thursday game of the BIRDIEHUNTERS, Roger and Ernie were head bashing to figure out how to solve FILCANSA’s dilemma from having so many players committing to participate and then backing out at the last minute – a problematic situation for most of the Vancouver teams. In addition to poor planning on the part of aspiring team participants and the over saturation of team registration from Vancouver, the global financial crisis wreck havoc on the two disqualified teams and most of those barely surviving the minimum player requirements. Scrambling to make minimum player requirements, most teams were raiding members of other teams in search for last minute saviors.

It was different with FILCANSA. The  BIRDIEHUNTERS withdrew its years of support of EZPAR in 2009 on account of the latter’s breach of goodwill and poor club management practices. Instead, with the “MORCILLA dynasty” having been accredited member of our club, The BIRDIEHUNTERS pledged support to both FILCANSA and VANCOUVER ABC’s PAL Interclub participation.

With Tony Lau and Chang Lim wasting their opportunity to have a grand time in the Philippines as earlier planned, CHANG HEE JEAW and VINCENT LAZUARDI were ready IF ERNIE decided he could maneuver a brilliant scheme. And that is what happened.

With Ernie, Chang, and Vincent as last minute additions, FILCANSA not only avoided disqualification but gave the team PAL accreditation that brought them into the Friendship Division to claim a 2nd place finish. (Depending on the number of team participants with prior interclub participation and accredited PAL scoring average, the team is assigned to either one of the following divisions: (1) Championship, (2) Founders, (3) Sportswriters, and (4) Friendship Division. Only FILCANSA and PINOY VANCOUVER had the greater number of participants with interclub accreditation to be assigned to the Friendship Division.)



For his hole-in-one accomplishment, ERNIE MENDOZA brings home a trophy, PHP10,000, and a 1st class Return trip from North America to the Philippines, compliments of PHILIPPINE AIRLINES, sponsors of the PAL Interclub. Roger collected Ernie’s prize at the Award Night as Ernie could only stay for 3 days and was already back at Clark’s Lohas Spa Resort.


ChampionshipLuisita 550 (129-146-133-142), Canlubang 546 (129-140-137-140), Forest Hills 425 (104-108-102-111), Fil-Oz Sydney 357 (86-94-87-90), South Bay 352 (Golf 88-98-95-71), Mercedes 343 (85-82-95-81), Taotaomuna 295 (70-80-74-71), Mabuhay Las Vegas 291 (93-66-70-62), Pittsburg 279 (68-63-75-73), Luzviminda 275 (93-81-47-54), Moffet 198 (77-57-64-DQ)

Founders Orchard 525 (136-125-127-137), Eagle Ridge 520 (132-131-123-134), Wack Wack 511 (122-135-120-134), Alabang 511 (130-125-128-128), Camp John Hay 508 (126-123-134-125), Valley 505 (126-139-115-125), Manila Golf 499 (127-130-121-121), Mactan 499 (124-127-122-126), Negros 491 (124-115-129-123), Cebu Country Club 490 (121-113-118-137),Team LA 486 (121-119-120-126), Del Monte 481 (128-114-116-123), Chamorro 467 (108-116-114-129), Camp Aguinaldo 435 (108-96-113-118), Ang Tay 381 (93-93-93-102), Guam Seals 363 (95-80-93-95)

SportswritersApo 500 (118-128-121-133), Fil-Am Hawaii 468 (112-102-135-119), Villamor 465 (120-116-121-108), Bacolod 465 (110-120-131-104), Philippine Navy 464 (123-107-115-119), Palos Verdes 464 (116-115-119-114), Alta Vista 461 (116-113-121-111), Manila Southwoods 454 (100-116-118-120), Riviera 453 (116-118-110-109), Iligan 443 (114-99-114-116), Maharlika 436 (111-109-111-105), Veterans 435 (107-118-110-100), Evangelista 428 (99-110-108-111), Pueblo de Oro 427 (104-112-96-115), PGA British Columbia 422 (99-103-98-122), Texas 421 (97-100-122-102), Vancouver ABC 400 (87-102-113-118), Lanang 411 (109-100-100-102), Iloilo 410 (106-93-104-107), Intramuros 408 (90-105-101-112), Mabuhay SFO 402 (95-93-113-101), Sienna Plantation 401 (102-97-103-99), Davao City 392 (86-114-95-97), , UP Tee Jots 387 (98-100-82-107), Bay Area 386 (74-116-100-96) Zamboanga 384 (93-96-106-89), Fort Bonifacio 377 (79-103-84-111), Baguio 377 (87-96-110-84), Florida 363 (77-75-97-114), Lumbia 352 (71-83-100-98), Brookside 341 (94-76-92-79), Fil-Am SFO 335 (107-100-64-64), SFO Peninsula 330 (68-81-73-108), Leyte 285 (73-72-65-75), Bennet Valley 270 (70-79-48-73), Par Breakers YVR 266 (58-74-59-75), Fil-Am New Jersey 253 (51-67-61-74), San Juanico 350 (89-67-95-99), Skywest 207 (70-46-46-45) San Diego 243 (83-94-66-DQ),

FriendshipTravellers SFO 369 (90-86-97-96), Filcansa 366 (96-81-93-96), Crystal Spring 365 (83-90-80-112), Saranggani 361 (89-87-96-89), SFO Alliance 349 (82-110-72-85), Viva Las Vegas 338 (79-83-85-91), South Cotabato 337 (87-76-92-82), Cotabato 336 (67-80-96-93), Pinoy Vancouver 333 (76-77-82-98), Guinhalaran 328 (81-85-84-78), Mt. Malindang 326 (90-74-80-82), Brotherhood Sharp 281 (75-49-80-77), Guam Seniors 281 (68-59-81-73)


Chang conquers Marapara and Binitin with his solid play
Ernie took a 14 degree fairway wood against the stiff wind on the monstrous 8th hole at Binitin
Ernie records his 1st ace at the Senior Interclub
Chang and Vincent enjoy treats

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