Point Roberts Got the Best of the Birdie Hunters

It could be the cold start on Thursday, the 7th. It could be the layers of jackets. It could be the rustiness in the long and short game after a long absence. It could be the lack of practice time at the driving range. Whatever the reason, the hunters were humbled.

The best low gross came from two top guys: MILES and RORY… 19 over par.

However, it was VINCENT who took the top prize of the day. His solid play in the front nine kept his score against handicap respectable, easily winning not only the group 1st prize but also his foursome’s Nassau and skin games.


It is not too late to get in on the action and enjoy the best golf excursion ever. Tournament proper begins Feb 18th to the 21st for the Senior Division. Send in your inquiry to MILES or ROGER through our Google Group discussion group.



Now that his most awaited fight against Floyd Mayweather has fallen through, the Pilipino champion in a record 7 world divisions will go at it on Mar 13 at the Dallas Stadium.

THIS THURSDAY looks Decent for Golf

Time for revenge! As usual, confirm your attendance please.


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