Art has been there. Sunny lives there a few months in a year. Conney will be there in February. I was there a few years ago. And it remains a fabulous place to golf during the dreary rainy, cloudy, and miserable Vancouver months.

La Quinta and Indian Wells are two favorites. The lush undulating fairways lined with flower beds and bunkers of pure heavenly white sand leaves one to think he is in paradise.

There are mini flower-lined waterfalls to clear on a demanding drive down the fairway and captivating scenic route to the putting green that are deceptively lightning fast and take some getting used to.

Resort residents get away with $35 green fees while tourists must meet with their bankers for a line of credit to get in. However, the smart techie learns about and gets away with 50% discounts. Best deals are emailed at 6 am in the morning. Imagine playing La Quinta or Indian Wells for less than $70!


The Agua Caliente (Warm Water) Casino had fabulous buffet dinners with Alaskan king crab and plenty of other seafood for less than $70 for two. You can imagine where we “partied” Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

With a 25% unemployment in the US, the financial crunch is doing its number on real estate prices. It is not uncommon to pick up a million dollar estate home at less than 80% of its value.

Sunny, we are checking your neighborhood!


The prediction is SUNNY. HARRY is back! Time to take the clubs out for this Thursday. Write and confirm your attendance!


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