Merry Christmas to All


What a fabulous golfing season we have had in 2009. There are too many highlights to mention; too many achievements; too many fun filled activities on and off the golf course. And then there are milestones. Wedding bells chimed for the Wijanta Family. Harry the King Kong Ng and Lucy became grandparents.

We made more friends during the summer as we experimented on a weekend of hunting birds, playing with Miles and the Vancouver Golf Association.

We had the Team Match Play championship and the UPS Championship.

Sunny built a home in Palm Springs and another one near Marine Drive. Peter spent months in China secretly taking golf lessons. Although he says he is the twin brother of Tiger, he is now recanting the claim as the Tiger is embroiled in a scandal. “The 12 days of Christmas” is being rewritten as “The 12 Ladies of Tiger”.

Ed travelled to Costa Rica, California; Miles got himself gallivanting in Davao. Chang, Ernie, & Chang had smashing time in Davao during the PAL INTERCLUB. Art is officially a septuagenarian, having celebrated his 80th birthday. He is now gunning to shoot his birthday number. Joe and Ernie were victims of equipment theft. Our handicap system crashed! Hee Jauw is our best golfer with a 6.7 index. Hide had to nurse shoulder injury.

Harry and Lucy are in New York for the whole month of December to celebrate the new addition to their family. Ernie is on his way to Palm Springs, Indian Wells, Miramonte Resort and Spa for the rest of the month.

Renee is our MUSE OF THE YEAR for being such a kind lady to us. I am sure you all have your own sweet recollections of the golf summer 2009.

Now many of us are looking forward to the BEST GOLF EXCURSION anywhere – the PAL INTERCLUB in February, 2010 at Cagayan de Oro. Chang, Ernie, Miles, Vincent, Ed are leading the troop. Better get in on the action and plan to be away Feb 12 to Mar 1, 2010!

Meanwhile, Have A Merry Christmas!


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