Ed ties Miles for top spots last Thursday at Riverway shooting net 1-under par. It was Ed’s day to win it all with his excellent play at the front 9 but a few miscues on the three finishing holes caused him a tie instead of an outright win.

Miles also failed to capitalize on the 18th hole. He had an excellent chance to get on in 2 on the easy par 5 but he did an impression of the famed Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins – he stick handled to a bogie 6.

Meanwhile, no one had a spectacular round. King Kong had a perfect day trying to figure out the difference between a draw and a fade. His ball did not understand English. He kept hitting the “other fade” or the “other draw” and the ball would not listen.

However, there was plenty of sunshine. It was great to see Renee at the pro-shop bright and early. She is the muse of the Birdie Hunters.


Times are confirmed for next Thursday. The course is in excellent condition and the greens are sleek. See you there!


The much awaited and anticipated bout that will crown Manny Pacquiao as the only man ever to win titles in 7 World Boxing Divisions is on tonight, November 14. He is facing the toughest opponent in Miguel Cotto, WBO Welterweight Champion.

What an incredible Saturday this is. This is expected to be the boxing match of the decade as the little man from General Santos, Philippines attempts to add to his amazing ascent in several weight classes starting with the featherweight division.

For four hours until the fight ends, there will be a standstill in the Philippines as 90 million people in that country are expected to be glued to TV sets, Theaters, Coliseums, set up to show the fight live. Even fighting in rebel areas in the south is expected to halt.


Early this month, Manny Pacquiao was nominated for the SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR 2009 by one of the journalists of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE. No matter who may be added to the nomination, there is no doubt in my mind who the sportsman of the year 2009 will be.

As the weeks and days wore on before the fight, the odds between Pacquaio and Cotto were closing. At fight time, it was barely 2.5 to 1. Most of it had to do with speculation about Manny and Freddie Roaches’ dispute during training; Manny’s “being distracted by the calamities” that his country suffered from vicious storms, flooding, and landslides killing hundreds; Cotto’s one month training advantage, natural size, and strength; and finally, Manny’s other hobbies and interest like singing, basketball, and doing a movie (Wapacman). After 24/7, many were starting to change their mind about the outcome of the FIREPOWER fight.

Pacquiao’s demeanor before, during, and after a devastating and meticulous destruction of Miguel Cotto was evident – he was smiling, at ease, and calm. At his locker room before the fight while mock-sparring with Roach, the two appeared to be jovial. When he entered the MGM Grand Hotel Arena, his expression never changed, waving and smiling at his adoring fans. 

Cotto was opposite. He was expressionless and appeared sullen. “He is one of the greatest boxers I have ever fought”, he said after the fight was called 55 seconds into the 12th round.

Larry Merchant, Jim Lampley, and Emmanuel Stewart were all astounded that Manny could take some of the hardest blows he took from Cotto and continue on relentlessly in his pursuit of the back-pedaling opponent throughout most of the late rounds. 

The complete annihilation of one of the world’s best welterweight cemented the legacy that MANNY PACQUIAO has claimed in history – 7 WORLD TITLES IN 7 DIFFERENT DIVISIONS. The greatness of this little man from Gen Santos, Philippines is sealed. The modest and humble man, the hero of the Philippines, separated himself from everyone else with this victory and historic accomplishment and places him atop the highest echelon in boxing achievement – even greater than Henry Armstrong according to a few boxing pundits.

Money man Floyd in comparison, in spite of being seen as one of the best defensive boxer of all time, with his 40-0 record, is like an “Avanti” compared to Pacquiao “Ferrari”.

The question therefore is, SHOULD PACQUIAO DIGNIFY MAYWEATHER by fighting him? Larry Merchant asked the same to Pacquiao. The answer never changed – “I am only doing my job; it is up to my team to determine what is next. I am going back home (to return my people) and go on vacation with my family.” 

Fighting Mayweather brings no glory. It will not change history. I see no point in putting the AVANTI and the FERRARI on the starting line. Retiring at his glory would be the very best for someone at the top of his career.

That is the sensible part of me. The other says, “Beat the hell out of Big Mouth Egotistical Mayweather and shut him up.”


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