The picture tells it all. Paired together at the Shanghai HSBC Championship last weekend, Tiger and Phil went head-to-head on the final day. The crowd anticipated an exciting showdown but it fizzled after 7 holes of play with Tiger’s double bogie on the 1st par three.

In addition, on the short 288 par 4 in the back nine after both gave it a shot to get on with their drivers; they ended up left of the hole. With the pin tucked right behind a deep bunker, they both had a challenging shot. Phil’s flop shot plopped with his lob wedge not even touching the ball for a missed shot. Tiger tried the same high lob shot only to deliver his ball into the bunker. TWO MISSED SHOTS on the same hole by the two best golfers in the world! Now I don’t feel so bad. But both got on the green on their 3rd shot and Phil knocked in for par what could have given him the championship. It was an incredible finish as Ernie Els played with fury, tying the course record of 63, only to miss his approach on the 18th, dunking his 5 wood in the water. His bogie prevented a play-off and a course record. However, Phil made it interesting by missing his drive left deep in the rough and playing out. He managed to take a long iron into the green for a 2-putt win.


With the foul weather, what can one do without golf? Well, we checked in at the GM Place for a rare musical treat. One of Canada’s most talented personalities, David Foster mesmerized the audience with a bevy of amazing performers like Michael Jones and Ruben Stoddard, American Idols, Peter Cetera, Sarah McLaughlin, and CHARICE.

The auditorium was packed, 90% must have been Filipinos anticipating their 1st look and experience of an amazing song diva, Charice.

The 2.5 hour show was electric. It also features a few incredible talented Vancouver singers including an 18-year old “boy” whose performance of You Raise Me Up and The Prayer, rivaled, if not surpassed that of the original artist, Josh Groban.

Ruben Stoddard is an amazing stage entertainer. Aside from a few favorite numbers that got the audience singing along and dancing to the beat, he “composed and arranged” a song impromptu on stage. David Foster was given a phrase “There is always hope” by a security guard who was asked to come up with “anything” at all and the entourage starting with David on the piano, cranked up a “new song” right then and there.

But the evening belongs to CHARICE, the 16 year old new darling of the entertainment world. She was stunning. Along with the songs that made her internationally famous (Bodyguard medley), she introduced the cover song of her new album to be released soon: “Note to God” – written by Diane Warren, and collaborated by David Foster and Charice Producer, Mark Johnston, that could hit the top of the chart.

It was an unforgettable Sunday evening.


It is the only SUNNY DAY of the week predicted and we are off to RIVERWAY at 9:15 am. BE THERE!


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