With the rain upon us and dark early mornings leave us with the “urgggh” feeling before a golf game, I thought I’d brighten up your outlook today by asking a trivia question: WHO IS THE LADY here and what makes her famous? First correct answer will receive a free 30-minute lesson from Harry “the King Kong” Ng; 3rd place answer gets a 2 hour lesson! J

Oct 22nd Thursday morning at Riverway (yesterday) had only seven starters. But, wait a minute! Who is that sauntering down from the proshop with that trademark baseball cap? Could it be? Many were rubbing their eyes wondering if this is not just a mirage. Hey, it is Bill!!!! What a treat it is to have Bill come out early yesterday!

Now let us get down to business! Amy was arriving at 12:45 pm from Chicago and she travels light. Miles requested to be up front to prevent sleeping in the basement bathroom for being late doing limousine service. He was paired with Ed, Han, and Chang! All three were warned that “they must play briskly”. Ed took the admonition seriously. He was ready to execute his shot on the 4th hole while the threesome was still on the green on the par five 3rd hole. He missed seeing Chang’s birdie the hole. (Why? Did Chang do the 3600 lining up/reading routine on the putt?)

It seems that “brisk golf” always works. Of this 1st foursome, all except Han played below their handicap, led by Ed who threw in the best score of the day and won FIRST PLACE. Chang and Miles were 76 and 79 respectively. Only Miles did not have a birdie.

In the next group, stiff skin game and Nassau competition kept it exciting for Ernie, Harry, Vincent, and Bill. On the 9th hole, Vincent, tough competitor at heart, told Harry that they were only 1 shot behind for the front Nassau and that “Anything can happen”. Well, the 9th could be a killer from past experience. Amazingly, all 4 balls were middle of the fairway.

Bill’s second shot was pin high for a possible birdie. Harry was a little short on the 1st cut. Vincent played himself out as he found the right bunker. When Bill got his “routine par”, the three were hopeful for a tie of the skin until a 3-foot putt for birdie sealed the carry over and the front nine.

Well, it was another one of those “lucky days” – no rain, pleasant, and exciting. The “old man” kept the young hunks playing their best shots but in the end – to the last hole, the 18th, despite the “never say die” spirit, they fell just a little short to prevent the rout.

Unfortunately, Ernie’s 65.5 net is only good for 2nd place for the day, (Ed took 1st; Chang got 3rd.)

By the way, do you know Vincent’s favorite wine? “We need more strokes; we need more strokes!” (Oh, sorry for the typo!) Hehehehe!

By the way, does anyone know if Rory has been mauled by an armadillo while in the desert? We have not heard from him since he took off for a fabulous vacation in Palm Springs.



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