The world has to know that not only is there a stunning resemblance in looks between the Tiger and our very own Peter, there is also a similarity in their golf abilities. Last Thursday, Peter apparently chipped in for a birdie on a par 3 and dunked another for an eagle on the par 5 #13 for an incredible 76. Since our handicap system still needs to be rebuilt, we are now taking a different approach in determining course handicap. Since this 76 is only 4 off par; and since Peter’s “declared course handicap” is 11, we will simply split the difference. Hence, if everyone agrees, Peter’s course handicap should now be 7 (11-4/2). J I am sure Joe and Chang HJ will agree!


In Peter’s 3-some with Miles and Ed, Miles got 3 birdies (2 consecutive on the tough 7th hole and on the 8th). He got another on #13. Ed was shot out of the hunt. Han got 1 on the 10th; Chang only had one this time on the 13th hole. Joe got his on the par 5 5th hole. Harry nailed a long one on the 10th hole.


Peter wanted to play early so as not to miss a 1 pm appointment. Well, it is no secret that slow play has been a pet peeve everywhere and our top players have been watching too much professional golf events on TV – where tour pros read every blade of grass, every contour, and every possible break. Jim Furyk sets up to putt BUT everyone knows he will not take a putt; he always backs off at the last minute and then return to address the ball 3 hours later! Ok, I am exaggerating but hey! If you have to miss a putt for a double bogey, no sense doing it in 5 minutes!

So we consulted Peter’s brother and here is what he said:

  1. You don’t take more than 1 practice swing
  2. You don’t look at your putt 360 degrees through the green
  3. You putt within 15 seconds when it is your turn
  4. You don’t mark your 2nd putt that is within 6 inches
  5. You don’t wait for people to leave the green some 250 yards away before hitting your shot
  6. You take your shot when you get to your ball without arguing “who is away”
  7. You walk “briskly” to your ball and avoid “moonlight conversations on the fairway”
  8. You mark the score after hitting your next drive
  9. You never allow the foursome following to see your shadow when they prepare to hit their balls
  10. You finish your round in 3 hours and 45 minutes…..

INCREDIBLY ENOUGH, with Peter going off first ALONE without his “usual cohorts”, he played a QUICK GAME and SCORED like a champion. There must be a message there somewhere!


FIVE (5) rain checks await the following: CHANG HJ, VINCENT, PETER, HARRY, TONY. (I am not sure if MILES was given a rain check by mistake.) Here are the 9 players who are entitled to one: ERNIE, HARRY, HAN, ED, CHANG, VINCENT, PETER, JOE, and TONY.

LAST WEEK’S WINNERS: Peter, Ernie, Han


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