For once the weather man was right

Nine brave souls wanted to prove the weatherman wrong today and got their gears ready to hunt for birds.

Some of us enjoyed the breakfast at McDonald in Tsawassen livened up by quips and sense of humor of our Club Comic – Harry “King Kong” Ng. Perhaps even those few moments early in the morning makes our Thursdays an occasion we always look forward to. It sets the joyful tone for the day.

When we arrived at the course (Point Roberts) only the car of Kyle German, Director of Golf and General Manager, was at the parking lot. Then one by one, the birdie hunters started to show up: Han Song, Ed Morcilla, Chang Hee Jeaw, Vincent Lazuardi, Peter Huai, Little Joe, Tony Tse.

We had hoped for the clouds to lift (as predicted) but it was not meant to be.

There was no respite from the horrible &*^&^&&*()())%$#@#@!#$%^ weather!

We went 5 and 4. King Kong took the curse on the 1st hole when he converted a long putt for par. Vincent followed with another curse when he, too, coached a 5 footer in for par and KP.

Well, in case you still do not respect the evil of curses, guess what happened on the next par five? Harry took a 9 and Vincent had a double bogie. It was all downhill thereafter except for Tony’s birdie on the next par 5. By then wind and rain were starting to take their toll on equipment and sliding grip. It was ugly.

The only decent thing to do was quit and see if we could get a rain check for nine holes.

In the past, POINT ROBERTS never questioned the boys’ enthusiasm to get a game in and provided us with rain checks when it was clear we could not continue. Kyle German, the Director of Golf and General Manager was reluctant at this time saying that “It was raining when you guys started; we do not issue rain checks in this case.”

But then he proceeded to prepare four (4) 9-hole rain checks. When the rest came in (5), they were told that he would only issue 4 of these rain checks.

My questions are:

  1. Is Point Robert really that hard up for cash that it fails to acknowledge extreme weather conditions preventing play?
  2. Is there or isn’t there a “rain check policy”? If there is none, shouldn’t GUESTS BE INFORMED (as they do at Northview and other courses) at the outset that once they commence play during expected extreme weather conditions, no rain check shall be issued?
  3. If there is, why would Kyle German issue only four (4) rain checks for 9 players?

As we have been faithful and loyal customers of Point Roberts for years now, what happened yesterday leaves me with sour taste. If Point Roberts’ management is to take a stand on an issue, it should be consistent. It is good public relations to preserve customer loyalty by “issuing an invitation for golfers to complete their round on a better day” by issuing a rain check if you must. It is BAD PUBLIC RELATION when no less than the manager of the course unwittingly grants some customers some courtesy and yet prejudices the others by discretionarily and intently shortchanging them in this manner.



  1. POINT ROBERTS GOLF COURSE is please to respond as follows:

    “Point Roberts Golf appreciates the goodwill it has built through the years with its faithful customers like the BirdieHunters. Since the club has no posted policy about RAIN CHECKS in the event of play suspended by inclement weather, dealing with such event and a partial refund of green fee is often conditional and arbitrary. It is anticipated that golfers starting out on the course on such a day are prepared to complete their round regardless; that suspension of play is clearly their prerogative and not the golf course. Thus, the issuance of a “rain check” is purely a “courtesy” extended by goodwill. The club’s issuance of FOUR (4) rain checks to the Birdiehunters was deemed fair under those difficult circumstances last Thursday. Unfortunately, that gesture of goodwill was regretfully misconstrued to be biased.

    Point Roberts wish to assure your club that its policies favor excellent relationships with all its gentlemen customers like the Birdiehunters and therefore extends further goodwill by reserving five (5) more rain checks so that those nine (9) diehards who braved the horrible weather last Thursday could complete their round when they return to PRGC. Hopefully next time they would be greeted by a warm sunny day.”

    Thank you Kyle German for a positive and proactive response.

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