WEDDING BELLS CHIMED for the Wijanta family


Sunny’s youngest daughter Reina and husband Mark Schubert celebrated their marriage on Saturday, Sept 19, 2007 with friends and family all over the world at the Fairmount Waterfront Hotel. The Birdiehunters were amongst those who joined the festivities.

Most were wondering how the Sultan could have such a stunning beauty for a daughter. Harry says, “It must be Joan’s genes!”

The special occasion was momentous as long time friends, fellow golfers, and associates got to mingle during the cocktail hour. There were Daniel Lim, Howard, Tony Lau, Cooney, Joe, and many more we were delighted to exchange pleasantries.

The dinner was exquisite and sumptuous but most of all celebrating the joining of two great families as Reina and Mark begin the life journey together was a wonderful occasion to witness.

Grandma and Grandpa to two lovely girls, Sunny and Joan look as youthful as the newlywed.

Hmmmmm…there is indeed a similarity between daughter and dad, don’t you think?


Thursday at Riverway last week…Vincent “79” Lazuardi is living up to his new image as “Sandbagger of the Year” by showing 7-handicapper Rory how to play the last 5 holes of the front 9 in 1-under par. Yes sir! He parred all and birdied the 9th. He took home to loot with an 85. Ernie and Ed played 2nd fiddle.

4 Tee Times THIS Thursday at Riverway – Sep 24

Sunny and warm weather promised this Thursday is expected to bring everyone out. We also have new “birdie hunters” joining us – Tony, John, Rory.

On a side note…since the computer crash, it has been difficult to rebuild our handicap database. Hence, based on an honor system, we will arbitrarily (but honestly) establish our course handicap. Until the database is completely rebuilt, we shall adjust the weekly winners’ course handicap: 1st place – minus .5; 2nd and 3rd – minus .25. This would give others a fair chance to win.


For up-to-date announcements about our golfing activities and excursions, join our google group here:



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