First, a glimpse of the 2009 Golf Season

The hot summer golfing season is almost upon us. Our 2009 golf adventures have been exciting. To start the year, CHANG LIM, CHANG HEE JEAW, MILES, ED, and ERNIE, were amongst the many who enjoyed the PAL INTERCLUB in Davao. The two Changs could not stop recalling their fabulous experience on and off the terrific and picturesque golf courses in the southern island in the Philippines. Because of this, Tony Lau, Alfred, Harry, and Han are already making plans to reserve the last two weeks in February 2010 for a great golf excursion.

  • Then there was the 1st TEAM MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP…between the Roosters and the Turkeys played in the Ryder Cup format with singles, 2-ball, 2-ball total, and final singles matches over a 4-week period won by the Roosters in convincing fashion.
  • A most fitting name for the gang, “the birdie hunters” shot down tons of birdies during the season. Everyone in the group claimed a fowl. Ok, some took home some turkeys and vultures, too! Miles and Joe even got eagles!
  • Chang HJ dominated during the season with his incredibly steady game, scoring his lowest round ever at Riverway a few weeks ago – a 74.
  • King Kong’s drives off the tees have been monstrous. Now, if he could only tame his short game he would easily be a 12 handicapper. How else could you explain a 10 on a par 5?
  • Mini Kong (Chang Lim) added yards to his drive with his new Cleveland driver.
  • Talk about drivers, you are all invited to a “WINTER SALE” event at the NERONA garage on November 1. He broke the record of using the most number of drivers in one season.
  • Vincent wins SANDBAGGER OF THE YEAR AWARD as he shot the lights out at Point Robert with a 79! He also gets the WHINER OF THE YEAR AWARD for begging for “more shots” at every game. (Sorry pal but that 79 and the few low 80’s you played wiped out the historical 24 handicap!)
  • Sexy senior ART and the Sultan of Indonesia SUNNY take the record of “ALMOST A HOLE IN ONE” on #11 and #15 at Riverway.
  • HAN gets “hustler of the year” award. Historical records indicate that his handicap is closer to 12 than 17. He proves it by shooting low 80’s in the last several weeks.
  • ERNIE & LITTLE JOE were both victimized as they were robbed (not rubbed) of their equipment. In Ernie’s case, the thieves broke into his CX9 parked at the driveway of his house. Joe’s predicament was worst: they stole his car with all his golf equipment.
  • KIICHI KUMAGAI’s doctor prevented him from enjoying the game and told him to “cut down on his number of golf games per week. That is why he could not join us lately on Thursdays. He could only play on…Monday, Tuesday,….Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Drats!
  • Like the Sultan, ED traveled all over the world and missed a few games with us. He is still in the Philippines.
  • Simon Tang gets the “Alzheimer Award”. Imagine after the game, you take off your golf shoes; blow off debris; and leave them at the shoe cleaning station; and then return for them after reaching home! Hehehehe!
  • We experimented on a WEEKEND BIRDIE HUNTERS TOURNAMENT in conjunction with the BGA and got more than 24 golfers at Kings Links, Riverway, and Surrey!


Any thoughts about this, guys? How about a 3-game total net score starting this THURSDAY (Sep 10 to 24)? Let us get this started at RIVERWAY this Thursday!


In case you were wondering who these two ladies are, they have expressed their interest in volunteering as Birdie Hunters’ Caddies! They even demonstrated how they would help line-up your putts!



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