LESSONS FROM……..Michelle Wie?

Lessons pay off?

The rumors about Mr. Elm taking some lessons from Michelle Wie are completely false.

…….but he says if the opportunity presents itself, he would take lesson from Michelle, Grace Park, Morgan Pressel, or Natalie Gulbis!

Harry says he is willing to be the ball boy when that happens.

Well, all kinds of rumors fly when someone wins. El happens to take 1st prize of $250,000 last Thursday with steady play in spite of a double and triple bogies on #3 and #4. He redeemed himself with a KP on #6 and a birdie from 6′ 2″.

Playing partner ED took solo 2nd and Hide’s 79 was good for 3rd place.


Joe started the back 9 in a blaze (like Kings Links) shooting two consecutive birdies on the par 4 #10 and par 3 #11 but 3 consecutive bogies after that spoiled his brilliant start. He added another bird on the finishing par 5 #18.

Single birds were recorded by Ernie, Chang, Hide, Art, Sunny, and Han!



With great course condition and excellent greens, we have become “Accustomed to the Course”. The general consensus is that it is a great place to hone our skills and enjoy good time.

Thanks to Renee Simonig for making it possible for us to enjoy our Thursday morning golf!


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