TIGER JOE BLAZES KINGS LINK ….site of 2nd Birdie Hunters Sponsored Golf Outing


No wonder JOE is all smiles! Our man from River Rock Casino has been rock-steady since joining the Hunters regularly on Thursdays. His love for the game brings him to the course, even if he has to scramble for some sleep time because of his odd hours assignment at the casino.

On the crisp Thursday morning at the Kings Links, he fulfilled the dream of every golfer – to play like the pros.

He had a normal steady front 9 with a 42, largely because of a horrible triple bogie on the 9th hole par 4.

Then, he started to catch fire on the back nine. He birdied the 10th. After “ho-hum” pars on the next two holes, he birdied the short tricky par 3 which played at about 90 yards with strong tail wind. Still with the wind, he muscled his drive nearly 300 yards and took his 2nd shot onto the green and made eagle…..-4 in 5 holes!

Well, the excitement brought him down to earth unfortunately as he bungled the last three holes with double bogies. Ok, so he played like Joe Smuck on those holes but he sure felt like Mickleson or Tiger for the 1st 6 holes….an experience he is sure to remember a long time…or until it happens again. But WAIT….after updating his handicap through 9 games, his index went up from 10.2 to 10.6….hmmmm, you gotta love that handicapping system!


Only MILES joins JOE in a successful hunt for birdies this week, the rest were skunked.


HIDE was quietly making pars – 12 of them – en route to a79 for 1st prize. Cheng was also steady with 9 pars taking 2nd. Completing the winners’ circle is Joe’s net 71.


  • SUNNY is touring Jakarta looking after business. He is due back on the week of the 22nd.
  • KIICHI is also attending to business and could not join us at Kings Links.
  • WE ARE ON NEXT WEEK at our WINTER Home Course – Point Roberts @ 7 am.
  • THIS SUNDAY @ Kings Links is our 2nd Birdie Hunters sponsored tournament. We start at 1:15 pm
  • There are 29 players pre-registered for this SUNDAY (FIVE LADIES), just 3 short for 8 tee-times. ISN’T THIS TERRIFIC?

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