As Tiger Woods was shaping his dramatic weekend charge at the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio, The Birdie Hunters 1st week-end sponsored tournament was taking place at the “new and improved” Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby.

Thanks to Riverway’s management staff Renee & Hal for making it all possible.

All but one of the twenty four pre-registered players made it to the weekend tourney.

It was a smashing success as Birdie Hunters regulars Ernie, Miles, and Ed, greeted golfers of all ages and gender to a fine Saturday golf outing.






True to form, he was hitting it “miles” away. Just like Tiger, he kept it on the short grass that rewarded him with a birdie on the tough par 4 #7. He added another birdie on the short par 3 #11. If not for some miscues on 3rd hole par 5 and par 4 #17, where he took a double bogies, his weekend performance of 78 shows why he is one of our best birdie hunters! John Robertson matched Miles’ 78 and Carlos Lukban was 1 shot back with an 80. But….Bong Valdez would have a hard time refuting his “sandbagger” label for a while as he took “$600,000 1st prize” with a net 67.


We were fortunate to have “First Lady” Amy Nerona greet the participants and handle all the tournament finances and many side bets. She is shown here flanked by Lydia and Francis, whose love for the game is obvious.


Ah, what is “lechon” (roast pork) without the “sarsa” (liver sauce)? The same goes for golf…. “side bets” keep the golf party going on for hours after the game.

Saturday was no exception. Beer, wine, nachos, finger foods, accompanied the jokes, laughter, kibitzing, boasting, and recollection of missed putts after the game. This is what makes golf fun.

It is how friendship is cemented.

It took awhile for Vic to compare the score cards for the “skins game” but no one was in a rush to leave. They all wanted to know if their birdie was good for some serious “muhla”. There were quite a few birdies!


Mark, Christian, Julius, Chris, and Miguel are some of the younger golfers working on turning their monstrous long drives into good scoring chances. It is nice to see them in our weekend tournament.

$49 for a Golf Outing on a Sunday?

With the smashing success of our 1st Birdie Hunters Sponsored Weekend Tournament, we are doing it again next SUNDAY, June 14 @ 1:30pm.

With the Birdie Hunters’ excellent relationship with courses where we hold our Thursday morning golf outing each week throughout the year, we are fortunate to be extended playing privileges at a fabulous cost.

As summer rates are now in effect everywhere, members of most local golf associations are charged ridiculous green fees even at some rinky-dinky courses. Would you pay $65 for a weekend golf at Newlands, or Belmont? I’d take up crocheting first.

A golf association’s responsibility is to “make golf affordable” for members to enjoy, first and foremost. With our tough economic times, particularly for seniors on pension, the appeal of weekend golf outing is lost, particularly when a member is faced with a “patong” (additional premium) added to a ridiculously high weekend green fee. It is worst when this “patong” is not transparently and fully accounted for as to where it is spent. Little things like this could cause the “last straw to break the camel’s back”.


We negotiate the best green fee. That is what you pay to join our weekend outing. No “patong”. You may participate in “side bets”, KPs, net prizes…but all these are optional.


Treacherous undulating and manicured greens, magnificent white bunkers, flower-lined tees, and outstanding layout describe the course we are scheduled to play next week. If you want to know where you can play such beautiful scenic course within 15/20 minutes from Vancouver, for ONLY $49 send an email to: elmnetwork@shaw.ca

Pre-register EARLY. Birdie Hunters participating are: MILES, ED, ERNIE, CHANG LIM, TONY LAU, BILL SIE, HARRY, NANCY, and STAN.


You may view photos of last Saturday’s outing by right-clicking on any of the photos to the right of this window. You may view the pictures and ADD DESCRIPTION or COMMENTS directly below the photo.


See you there, folks!



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