The incredible value of golf and friendship

Riverway Golf Club, the site of the Birdie Hunter’s Team Match Play Tournament that was recently concluded is in such a fine shape for a municipal course with substantial improvements like fairway drainage and better green maintenance. As such, it is now one of The Birdie Hunters favorite golf destinations. And we just love Rene, their marketing manager and tournament chief.


Don’t miss out this Thursday, May 21. Our 1st tee-time is at 7:30 am. The CASH PRIZES from our Team Match Play will be awarded before the start of the game. If you are bringing a guest, please! please! please! let us know.

Golf rules….when is “enough is enough”?

There has been some grumbling about our “no-gimme-sky-is-the-limit-rule”…so what is the deal? There are good arguments for both sides. But let us just be practical. Many 12-inch or less putts have been missed. Ed whiffed his 2-inch tap-in putt in one occasion. Harry and Sunny have on occasion and in frustration nonchalantly picked up their ball sitting an inch to the cup.

Would you have the guts to impose a penalty stroke? That is where the conundrum lies. In a group of golfing friends, there is no place for causing hard feelings. A “friendly reminder” of the rule is OK only because it is fair to others. The only person who can call the penalty is the golfer himself – and that is OK. Ed, unquestionably one of the most honest in our group, imposed a penalty on himself when he missed his tap-in.

Vincent gave himself a 9 on the par 3 #8 hole at Point Roberts. That is admirable. One thing is for sure, the integrity and honesty of all the Birdie Hunters is held at the highest esteem. No one in our group can be labeled to be “less than honest”. It is a quality we admire of each other.


When Sunny yelled “summer rules” only, we all know what he means. Play it as it lies! There are tough times though when the ball is resting in a difficult lie. This is when knowledge of the rules is necessary.

  1. Ball in a divot – no “free drop”
  2. Ball in a part of the fairway that is clearly under construction but “not marked” – free drop, no penalty
  3. Ball has mud – sorry, no lift, no clean
  4. Ball is in “muddy area” – if golf shoes sink in mud; free drop; if water splashes on golf shoes – free drop; if golf shoes are dry – no free drop

There are other specific rules – know them and use them is the best remedy.

Back to Golf Rules and knowing when “enough is enough”

Golf rules are essential but they do not supplant the rule of friendship. It is OK to lose a game; it is not OK to lose a friend. Being right about a rule may be admirable but being obnoxious in imposing the rule, particularly when the outcome of the game is no longer in doubt, is like committing “friendship hara-kiri”. In the course of human interaction, knowing how to get along is more important than knowing what is right, according to Brian Tracy, author of many self-improvement courses.


Nothing could match the value of golf and friendship. The setting is idyllic: beautiful sceneries, clear ponds, flowers, trees, eagles in the skies, white sand, Harry’s laughter and contagious humor, Chang’s sneaky long drives, Hide’s ambidextrous putting style. That is what golfing with friends is all about.


If he is feeling well, you can bet he will be with us. Art has not been 100% lately so we just want to wish him the very best and pray for his return to great shape so that we can enjoy his presence, wit, (oh, and sarcasm, too) and his incredible ability. We all want to grow old like him!

We wish the same for REUDI GOSTELI…we have not seen him for more than a year but keep praying he would be well enough to get back to the game.


One thought on “The incredible value of golf and friendship

  1. I spoke to Reudi yesterday. He has had some major health issues that has kept him away from golf for 18 months. Thankfully, he has recovered and is gaining strength to return him to normal health. He has been traveling and that is good news. We may even see him some time soon!

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