Roosters DOMINATE the Turkeys

The Turkeys needed 15 points in the singles match play to have a chance at winning the 1st Birdie Hunters Team Match Play Tournament. Instead, they surrendered 16 points to the Roosters.

The 1st 4 holes of the 1st match between Ernie and Chang Lim were still close with Ernie winning 2 and Chang taking 1. However from the 5th hole onwards, Ernie shot 3 birdies for a sizzling gross total of 82 – good enough for a large 14 to 4 margin in points.

The Turkeys took the 2nd and 3rd match by 1 point a piece with Harry and Chang HJ against Sunny and Miles.

The last 3 matches showed the dominance of the Roosters over the Turkeys: Joe taking Peter to the cleaners on a margin of 10.5 to 7.5; Hide thrashing Ed 11 to 7; Han squeezed by Bill (an alternate player for the team in place of Vincent) with a narrow 9.5 to 8.5 lead.


Money winners for the day were Ernie with a net 63 – $30; Joe, net 70 – $20; and Chang HJ, Peter, and Hide sharing 3rd place – $10.

LUNCHEON at #9 Restaurant

It was a fabulous celebration by the Roosters with the Turkeys as hosts. MORE NEWS & PICTURES tomorrow.




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