FORECAST for our Match Play Championship on Thursday


The Weather Network predicts “variable cloudiness, high of 130 C, low of 70 C, light winds NE 5 km/h” with the least probability of precipitation (20%) for the entire week to Sunday, May 17.

PERFECT WEATHER for an Exciting Finish

The battle between the Roosters and the Turkeys comes down to a series of single matches.

What is the prediction? The Roosters are leading by 15 points which represent the number of holes won or tied by the leaders.


Hide (Aizawa) 10, takes on Ed Morcilla, 16. Ed can be explosive once he gets that putter going. However, if Hide plays the same way he did at Riverway two weeks ago (4 birdies, gross 76), the Turkeys are in trouble here.

Han, 16, plays against Bill, 23. A 7-stroke advantage by Bill might be tough to overcome particularly in a short course.

Sunny, 19, tackles King Kong, 20. This would be an exciting match. It would be a battle of consistency against power. If King Kong putts the way he drives, Sunny will be yakking all the way to the finish line.

Ernie, 19, must figure out a way to handle Mini Kong (Chang Lim), 22. Since he got his Cleveland driver, Chang has had his confidence level way up there. He “rams his putt” into the hole like a man possessed.

The last pairings of Miles, 10 against Chang Hee Jeaw,10, and Peter Huai, 10, versus “Little” Joe, 10, brings the four top players together. These would probably be most exciting to watch. All are fairly long hitters off the tee. Of the four, Chang and Little Joe have been fairly hot lately.


If the match is not decided by the 1st 4 pairings, it will be a toss-up.

Do you have a prediction to make? Then go to “no comment” below and leave a reply….no charge! J

RIVERWAY at 7:20 am is the site of our Match Play Tournament.

Next week at POINT ROBERTS is OPEN. Bring a friend. Introduce them to “birdie hunting”. Participation is by CONFIRMATION only. Call Harry (604-218-8099) or leave a note below to indicate that you wish to play next week.

You want to see the PACQUIAO-HATTON fight. Go to our link under “SPORTS”.


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