With the pairings of MILES and HIDE against PETER and CHANG, the ROOSTERS started off with a one-point margin of victory. Hide’s gross 76 was good for a NET LOW of 64. He accomplished this with 4 birdies (#2, #6, #13, #15). (Miles was shut out on the birdie hunt.) Their combined Best Ball total was a net 59. However, CHANG’s two birdies (#11, #14) gave him also a gross 76, taking the 2nd low net winner. His partner PETER had a horrible front 9 but came back to aid his teammate with a birdie on #15 and a par on the difficult #17. Their best ball of 12 under par gave the TURKEYS 8.5 points – a narrow 1 point lead.








The pairings of SUNNY/ERNIE against ED/VINCENT produced some excitement. The lone birdie hunter was Sunny on #10. Ed and Vincent combined with a net 66 giving them front 9 lead of 5 against 4. However, the Roosters roared in the back 9 to take the lead starting with Sunny’s birdie. What prevented a rout was Vincent’s 200 yard putt on the 2nd most difficult hole #17 to tie Ernie’s par on the same hole. With a 2-stroke handicap, Vincent gave the Turkeys a win on that hole. They surrendered a point for the team. Roosters now lead 19 to 17.

The last pairing of HANS/JOE against HARRY/CHANG provided a surprise. The Turkeys’ net team score of 9 under par 63 was good for a 2 point advantage against the Roosters’ pair of Hans and Joe (7 under par net 65). What gave the Turkeys a 2-point advantage in this match is Harry’s birdie on #11 and Chang’s bogie 5 on the difficult par 4 12th hole, which was good for a net 3. This erased the 2 point lead of the 1st two matches. MATCH IS NOW EVEN. However, the Turkeys still have a 10 point deficit to catch the Roosters.

TWO BALL TOTAL MATCH at Point Robert next Thursday at 7:30 am

The semi-final Birdie Hunters Match Play Tournament takes on another exciting match play next Thursday. This will be a combined total net score per hole – match play. Pairings will be based on personal point totals. The player with the highest point on the team pairs with the player with the least point, and so on. Here are the matches: CHANG HEE JAUW -11/CHANG LIM-24
against HIDE-12/ERNIE-21. HARRY-22/ED-17 will play against MILES-11/JOE-15. PETER-11/VINCENT-24 will battle against HANS-17/SUNNY-21. This format will require the team players to match their total combined net score per hole against their opponents.


The winners of the $5 pot are: HIDE/CHANG $25 each. MILES and HAN share 3rd place at $5 each. J


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